Vintage BMW Airhead Suspension Upgrade

Race Tech front suspension upgrade

Keep the classic aesthetic while experiencing a smoother ride backed with modern engineering.

suspension upgrade atx moto

Owning a piece of history in the form of a classic motorcycle is mysteriously fulfilling. Something about the foundational engineering and genuine but often replicated aesthetic from past eras feels right about continuing a bikes legacy on the blacktop. The well tuned engines hum will always be music to the ears but it may be time for the 40 plus year old suspension to hang it up. We offer a suspension upgrade that gives you a modern ride retro designed to coincide with the classic look.

suspension upgrade atx moto

For the forks we us the Race Tech combination spring kit - that we custom order to the individual riders weight - with Race Tech gold valve cartridge fork emulators converting the factory non adjustable unit with a new fully manual damping system. We love this combination of springs and dampers because of the diversity in their adjustability allowing us to zero in on a more accurate spring rate for rider weight and style.

Our go to for rear replacing the shocks in the rear are by Ikon for the same reason we choose the Race Tech system, Ikon shock/spring assemblies are designed with many adjustment points. The Ikon system offers 3 positions for adjustment on the spring preload and 4 positions on rebound damping. Your current spring covers can be modified to fit the new assembly, they also have assemblies complete with covers or come with no cover if you like the raw look.

The suspension duo of the Race Tech system up front backed by the Ikon assembly creates almost an infinite parameter of adjustment to optimize your handling and performance, minimizing fatigue and maintaining aesthetic. Give us a call for more information on this upgrade and our many other BMW Motorcycle services. (512) 657-2659

suspension upgrade atx moto set 3 in action